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Our mission is to enhance well-being and drive sustainable social and economic development within Aboriginal communities through self-determination and reconciliation.

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Kaarla Baabpa Aboriginal Cultural Consulting

Kaarla Baabpa Consulting is a value based, 100% Aboriginal owned, controlled, and operated business based in Boorloo (Perth), Western Australia. Our reconciliation focused consulting company specialises in the development and delivery of cultural education, training, facilitation, and organisational development.  

Motivated by a mutual passion for improving systems and services to support Aboriginal people at a grassroots level, Renee and Tash came together in their vision to establish Kaarla Baabpa Consulting.  

Kaarla (meaning campfires) and Baabpa (meaning waterholes) are central to the livelihood of Aboriginal people. They are where we meet, nurture our relationships, and maintain our connections. We share stories, we share food, and we connect with each other. 

At Kaarla Baabpa Consulting, we are passionate about adapting that approach.  A model we can share with those working towards reconciliation and to help develop quality relationships with Aboriginal people. Like our meeting places, we are committed to facilitating a “coming together” of cultures whilst still maintaining the advancement of Aboriginal people,  which is at the core of what we do. 

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Who We Help

Our business provides comprehensive services catering to the needs of individuals, communities, non-government organisations and government agencies. We offer a diverse range of services aimed at addressing various challenges, fostering growth, and promoting positive outcomes through elevating the voices of Aboriginal people. Our team of professionals are dedicated to delivering tailored solutions and impactful support to our clients.

We understand that each client has unique needs and circumstances. We pride ourselves on offering tailored solutions that address specific challenges and capitalise on opportunities. Our team collaborates closely with clients to identify their goals, assess their needs, and develop customised plans, programs and strategies that align with their vision and priorities.

Through our comprehensive offerings, we strive to empower individuals, strengthen communities, support effective governance, and amplify the impact of non-government organisations. We are committed to delivering high-quality, tailored services that drive positive change and contribute to the success and well-being of our clients and broader society.

What We Do

Children and Families

Our Children and Families services are dedicated to supporting both children and families involved with child protection services. We specifically focus on providing culturally responsive and family-centered support.

We offer a range of services aimed at promoting family well-being, cultural connection, and positive outcomes for children.

Aboriginal Family Led Decision Making:
We recognise the importance of involving Aboriginal families in decision-making processes concerning the welfare and placement of their children. Our Aboriginal Family Led Decision Making service facilitates culturally appropriate and inclusive decision making forums where families play a central role. We respect and value the cultural knowledge, perspectives, and strengths of Aboriginal families, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding their children’s well-being.

Cultural Support Plans:
We understand the significance of cultural connection and identity for the well-being of children and families. Our Cultural Support Plans service aims to develop personalised plans that reflect the cultural needs, values, and aspirations of children and families. We work collaboratively with families, communities, and cultural advisors to ensure that cultural practices, traditions, and connections are respected and integrated into care plans.

Family Finding:
Our Family Finding service focuses on identifying and engaging extended family members, kinship networks, and supportive relationships for children involved in child protection services. We employ thorough search strategies, family engagement techniques, and collaborative efforts to locate and establish meaningful connections that can support and nurture children within their extended family or community.

Kinship Assessments:
We conduct comprehensive Kinship Assessments to assess the suitability and safety of relatives or community members who may be potential caregivers for children involved in child protection services. Our assessments ensure that Kinship placements are culturally appropriate, provide stability, and support the well-being and identity of the children. We take into consideration the strengths, resources, and capacity of Kinship caregivers to provide a nurturing and safe environment.

Foster Carer Assessments:
We conduct thorough assessments of individuals or families interested in becoming foster carers. Our assessments consider the cultural competence, skills, and capacity of potential foster carers to provide a safe and supportive environment for children.

Learning and Development

Our learning and development services are dedicated to equipping individuals, organisations, and communities with the knowledge, skills, and cultural understanding necessary to create inclusive, supportive, and culturally competent environments.

Our range of training programs includes: 

Cultural Capability Training:
Our Cultural Capability Training is designed to enhance cultural understanding and competence. We provide participants with the knowledge and tools to engage respectfully and effectively with Aboriginal people. The Cultural Capability training packages cover topics such as cultural awareness, communication, protocols, and the importance of cultural safety.

Cultural Support Planning – Practitioner Training: The Cultural Support Planning for Practitioners Training is a comprehensive program aimed at enhancing the skills and cultural competence of practitioners involved in the support and care of Aboriginal children and families within the child welfare system. This training focuses on equipping practitioners with the knowledge and tools to create culturally sensitive support plans that prioritise the well-being and cultural identity of Aboriginal individuals.

Elevate Leadership Program:
This leadership development program spans three days, grounded in cultural values, protocols, and traditions, aiming to create a culturally safe space that elevates the confidence and voices of all participants. Each day is marked by an inspirational theme, promoting engagement and motivation while respecting and celebrating the rich tapestry of cultural diversity among the attendees.

Family Group Conferencing Convenor Training:
Our Family Group Conferencing Convenor Training equips professionals with the skills to facilitate and coordinate family-led decision making processes. Participants learn about the principles and practices of family group conferencing, including culturally appropriate approaches. The training emphasises collaboration, empowerment, and respecting the voices and perspectives of families.

Foster Carer Cultural Development Program:
Our Foster Carer Cultural Development Program is designed to enhance the cultural competence of foster carers. We provide training, resources, and support to help foster carers better understand the diverse cultural backgrounds and experiences of the children in their care. The program promotes cultural sensitivity, respect, and the ability to meet Aboriginal children and families’ unique needs.

Foster Carer Assessor Training:
This training program is specifically designed to prepare assessors for the critical task of evaluating potential foster carers who will provide care for Aboriginal children in out-of-home settings. The training places a strong emphasis on cultural competency, trauma-informed assessment practices, and understanding the unique needs and backgrounds of Aboriginal children and their families.

Foster Carer Induction Training:
The Foster Carer Induction Training is a specialised program designed to prepare individuals who are new to foster caring for the unique challenges and responsibilities involved in providing culturally sensitive and trauma-informed care to Aboriginal children in out-of-home settings. This training is tailored to foster carers who will be caring for Aboriginal children, emphasising cultural competency, trauma-informed practices, and the preservation of cultural identity.

Grief and Loss and Healing Training:
Our one-day training workshop on grief, loss, and healing provides participants with a safe and respectful space to explore the profound impact of these experiences. This workshop is designed to empower individuals by honouring their cultural values and traditions, fostering resilience, and supporting the diverse ways pe participants with a safe and respectful space.

Intergenerational Trauma and Healing Training:
This one-day Intergenerational Trauma and Healing Workshop is a transformative training program that offers a deep exploration of the complex topic of intergenerational trauma and the pathways to healing. Through a blend of insightful discussions, experiential activities, and expert guidance, this workshop aims to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the impact of trauma across generations and strategies for fostering healing and resilience.

Lateral Violence Training:
Our one-day Lateral Violence training program is designed to help participants recognise, address, and combat lateral violence. By nurturing a culture of respect, empathy, and constructive conflict resolution, this training empowers individuals to create harmonious work environments while promoting cultural sensitivity and inclusion.

Rivers Reconnect Training:
Adapted from the principles of Family Finding and tailored specifically for Aboriginal communities, our one-day Rivers Reconnect training is centred on the significance of reconnecting and strengthening children in out-of-home care (OOHC) and their families. The Rivers Reconnect training supports a commitment to preserving cultural identity and nurturing a strong sense of belonging for Aboriginal children and young people who find themselves in the complex landscape of out-of-home care. In Aboriginal communities, the river is not just a geographical feature; it symbolises the flow of life, connecting generations and communities. Similarly, Rivers Reconnect is designed to be a lifeline, weaving connections that are essential for the well-being of children. Our training is a guide to navigating the delicate waters of reconnection, understanding the cultural undercurrents, and building bridges that lead to safe and supportive family environments.

Workplace Wellbeing:
The Workplace Wellbeing training workshop is a dynamic and interactive program designed to promote physical, mental, and emotional wellness in the workplace. This workshop equips employees with the tools and strategies needed to create a healthier, more productive, and harmonious work environment.


Our consultancy business specialises in providing comprehensive services to organisations seeking to enhance their cultural competence, promote reconciliation, and develop strategic plans for long-term success. We offer a range of tailored advisory and consulting services to meet the unique needs of our clients. 

Cultural Supervision:
Our Cultural Supervision services are designed to support individuals and organisations in developing a deeper understanding of cultural dynamics and enhancing cultural competence. Through regular supervision sessions, we provide a safe and reflective space for individuals to explore their own cultural biases, challenges, and growth opportunities. We offer guidance, strategies, and resources to promote culturally responsive practices, address cultural dilemmas, and foster a more inclusive and respectful work environment.

Reconciliation Action Planning:
We assist organisations in developing Reconciliation Action Plans (RAPs) that align with their values and commitments to reconciliation. Our consultancy team works closely with clients to assess their current practices, engage stakeholders, and co-create a customised RAP that outlines practical steps towards reconciliation. We provide guidance on building relationships with Aboriginal communities, implementing cultural protocols, and fostering respectful partnerships.

Strategic Planning:
Our Strategic Planning services help organisations develop comprehensive and forward-thinking plans that align with their vision, mission, and cultural aspirations. We collaborate with clients to identify goals, analyse internal and external factors, and develop strategies that embrace cultural diversity, promote equity, and address systemic barriers. Our expertise in cultural competency ensures that strategic plans are inclusive and culturally responsive and set organisations on a path towards success.

Tailored Advisory and Consulting:
We offer tailored advisory and consulting services to meet the specific needs and goals of our clients. Whether it involves addressing cultural challenges, diversity, and inclusion initiatives or implementing effective communication strategies, our experienced consultants provide expert guidance, customised solutions, and practical recommendations. We work collaboratively with organisations, providing ongoing support and monitoring progress to ensure successful outcomes.

Our Values

We deeply value Aboriginal culture as a source of wisdom, resilience, and diverse cultural expressions. We are committed to preserving, respecting, and promoting Aboriginal cultures. Through our actions, we strive to foster reconciliation, inclusivity, and a society that celebrates and embraces the richness and contributions of Aboriginal peoples.

Our integrity requires us to stay true to our principles, even when it may be easier or more convenient to compromise. We are dedicated to upholding honesty, ethical conduct, and consistency, recognising that integrity is the key to earning trust, fostering respect, and making a lasting impact on individuals and communities.

We firmly believe that by respecting and supporting the self-determination of Aboriginal people, we contribute to the preservation and revitalisation of their unique cultural identities, traditions, and languages, ensuring a more inclusive and equitable society that celebrates diversity and honours the inherent rights and dignity of every individual.

We recognise that building and maintaining meaningful relationships requires open and effective communication. A communication where individuals actively listen, express their thoughts and feelings honestly, and engage in constructive dialogue that fosters understanding, resolves conflicts, and strengthens the bonds between us, creating a solid foundation for connection.


Meet the Kaarla Baabpa Team

Our Managing Directors are two Western Australian Aboriginal women with connections across Noongar, Kariyarra and Bunuba country. With a combined experience of 35 years in community services and child protection, they are well respected across the sector. 

Renee Ronan, Managing Director 

Renee is a proud Whadjuk Ballardong woman who grew up in small country towns throughout the Midwest and Wheatbelt. Renee is a wife, mother, nan, businesswoman and volunteer for a local junior football club.

Being the child of an Aboriginal parent and a non-Aboriginal parent, Renee has experienced a home where the shared cultures were celebrated lovingly and respectfully. She is passionate about building relationships from a foundation of acceptance of the truths in the experience of Aboriginal people since colonisation.

Renee is a highly skilled professional with a wealth of expertise in child protection and community services. Renee demonstrates exceptional leadership skills and has a proven track record of overseeing complex initiatives, such as the Aboriginal Family Led Decision Making pilot and the Aboriginal Representative Organisation project. Renee’s attention to detail, strategic thinking, and ability to effectively allocate resources has resulted in the timely implementation of projects with outstanding outcomes.

Renee actively facilitates cultural protocol and good governance in collaboration with local stakeholders. She places emphasis on engaging with place based knowledge holders to guide respectful practices to ensure the best outcomes. With existing state-wide relationships, Renee can seamlessly build connections to affect the timeliness of relationship development to effect deliverables within specific time frames.

As a manager, Renee role models integrity, empathy and compassion and diligently sets out clear expectations to ensure the safe practices of her team. Renee upholds psychological safety and cultural safety in the workplace by engaging in open, transparent and holistic discussions with a focus on workplace well being.

Renee invests in storytelling and the use of narrative in her engagement style and yarning approach. She possesses a remarkable ability to foster meaningful and inclusive discussions among diverse stakeholders and facilitates productive dialogues, bridging gaps and fostering collaborative solutions.

Her dedication to delivering work of the highest standard reflects Renee’s commitment to professionalism and continuous improvement.

Natasha Kickett, Managing Director  

Tash is a Kariyarra/Bunuba woman who grew up in the Pilbara town of Port Hedland and now lives in Perth with her husband and three children. Being the youngest of six children has seen Tash always surrounded by her large, close knit family. As a wife, mother and businesswoman, one of Tash’s strengths lies in her ability to thrive under high-pressure situations. It was this resilience that helped her overcome her battle with cancer several years ago, giving her both the drive and insight to be a stronger, more dynamic leader.

Tash holds a Bachelor of Social Work and has experience in frontline child protection, cultural consultation, research development, social policy and strategic development across both government and non-government sectors. Tash always seeks opportunities that result in better outcomes for Aboriginal people and is passionate about trauma informed, culturally safe, and family led approaches that embrace the importance of family, kinship and cultural connections.

Tash is well connected across the community and has a reputation as a person who demonstrates integrity, respect, and knowledge of working with Aboriginal people. Tash uses her cultural knowledge and understanding to complement her experience as a Social Worker to work towards better outcomes for Aboriginal people, families and communities.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Tash is known for her compassionate and empathetic nature, which enables her to connect with individuals and communities on a deep level. Tash’s unwavering commitment to social justice and tireless efforts to improve the lives of vulnerable populations, particularly Aboriginal people, make her an exceptional advocate and catalyst for positive change.

Exclusive Collections

Every purchase made through the Kaarla Baabpa shop directly supports our community-focused initiatives. Proceeds from the sale of our items are reinvested into the community, contributing to essential causes such as funeral fundraisers, scholarships, sponsorships, and other community-driven projects. By choosing to purchase from the KBC Collective, you are not only embracing a piece of Aboriginal artistry but also making a meaningful contribution to the well-being and advancement of Aboriginal people.

Client Partnerships: Our Trusted Collaborators

Here are some of our valued clients, including government entities, corporations, and non-profit organisations, each representing a unique partnership built on trust, collaboration, and shared goals.


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